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From Dismuke: "...Bob made some assertions about where I stand that he
failed to back up."  

I meant that in my opinion you are very confused. I would think you would
want to know how you can pay royalties that are significantly below the
statutory rate but you refuse to study the actual role played by
SoundExchange and persist in citing endless propaganda from the DIMA, the
very people who are perfectly willing to bankrupt artists, record labels and
small webcasters like yourself. On top of this, you even told us that you
have never heard of the DIMA.

Nobody has time to spoon-feed people about how all of this works and
unfortunately most of the information one encounters without reading things
such as the judges' actual findings are only misleading press releases from
the Silicon Valley crowd who are out to sell investors stock in a  music
business equivalent of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I've certainly had enough of this nonsense beyond simply calling BS when I
see it and suggesting that people check out the actual facts.	

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