Malcolm Rockwell wrote:

> Now, a question. Why do some prefer Cool Edit over the successor program 
> Adobe Audition? I understand there are some functions that may have been 
> removed, but cannot remember what they are.
> Mal Rockwell

Audition is the successor to CoolEdit Pro, not to CoolEdit. The 
principal differences between the Pro and standard versions of CoolEdit 
were price and multichannel capability. Audition is thus a much more 
complex program with virtually no advantage for the sort of audio 
processing discussed here - at substantially higher cost.

One of the minor advantages of the Pro version was the reason I bought 
into it and now to Audition: it offers a Bypass button on more features 
than does the standard software. It's not much of a difference, but when 
one spends as much time editing as I do, it can be enough.

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