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> I'm sorry, I misunderstood what you were describing. Now I understand. That
> would absolutely work, but what an art form! Wow, I wonder what Jack
> experimented on to learn the art.

I visited Jack Towers many years ago in Maryland and saw his setup. He was
doing work for many record labels, and credited John R.T. Davies (and
others) who freely shared restoration information among themselves.

Billboard magazine ran a feature on Jack many years ago, the focus of which
was his tape restoration skills. According to the article, Jack's tape
restoration efforts could be summed up in three words: "azimuth, azimuth,
azimuth..." That's why four of my five Studer A820 head assemblies have
adjustable azimuth controls.

Way before user lists, people like Tom Dowd, Cosimo Matassa, and Bob O. (hi
Bob) shared then current recording technology information over the
telephone, sometimes on a weekly basis (or so I have been told).

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