Thanks Don. The recording was quite good, dynamic, and the playing was very good and tight. The 
duping was such that levels were quite high and there were a few instances of tape saturation 
distortion, but not enough to make listening very unpleasant.

The A&R decisions for that album were way ahead of their time. Pairing composers from different 
times and countries around a "theme" of Symphony of the Dance was about 40 years before the current 
fare of "Bach for the Bathroom" or "Cookout Classics" or "Crazy for Ludwig" et al. BTW, just to be 
clear, I think it's a Good Thing to bring classical to "da masses" in as digestable bits as 
possible. However, there is a difference between a hifi extravaganza like Sorkin's album, which was 
shooting for sonic fireworks and contrasts in the musical selections, and dumbed-down background 
music one step above Muzak.

-- Tom Fine

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>  Yes, the players were mostly from the CSO, although I don't have definite
> information and have only "heard" that. However, I've been told on good
> authority that the Schory recording(s) (was) (were) made in Orchestra Hall. The
> pre-1966 revovation sound, before the acoustical catastrophe of the renovation, is
> there.
>  Don Tait
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> Definitely recorded in Chicago, so members of the CSO seems likely.
> Sorkin founded Concert-Disc and Concert-Tapes as a recording vehicle
> for his Fine Arts Quartet, but put out a lot of other releases as
> well. Dick Schory got his start in percussion recordings with "Re-
> Percussion" on Concert-Disc, which does sound like it was recorded in
> Orchestra Hall. I like both the sound and the performances of Sorkin
> as conductor, and we reissued "Symphony of Dance" (with bonus tracks)
> from the reel tape editions.
> dg
> On Jul 29, 2007, at 12:00 AM, ARSCLIST automatic digest system wrote:
>> I have here a duped reel tape called "Symphony of the Dance" by
>> Leonard
>> Sorkin conducting the "Musical Arts Symphony" on ConcerTapes. What
>> was this
>> orchestra? Where was it recorded.
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