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From phillip holmes: "...if the deadwax info is the same on a supposed test 
pressing as a WLP or first issue, it probably isn't a test pressing? ..."

I've never encountered the term deadwax before.

A test pressing would be identical to the first issue (assuming the press
run had been approved!) except for what was typically a reversed scrap label
which sometimes had ID information written on it. (I've occasionally seen a
plant use a special test pressing label but usually not.)

When they start a pressing run the first few will often be bad because the
press temperature hasn't stabilized. For this reason they might press ten,
throw out the first three because of non-fill, check one out with a
microscope, play it, put a couple on file and send the remaining four or
five to the client. If a client was smart, they'd file away at least one to
prove what they'd signed off on had been ok in the event of a bad pressing

The rest would be passed on for the producer and engineers to check. I would
be very surprised to see test pressings that weren't actually promo copies
turning up very often among collectors.

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