Hi Doug:

We discussed the Korg machines a bit on the Ampex list. My key question would be -- especially with 
an eye to the future -- what can you play their recordings back on besides Korg machines made today? 
Is there any software available to play these files on a regular PC-based DAW?

Tascam has had a 1-bit DSD recorder available for a couple of years and recently upgraded the line 
to a model that includes a built-in hard dirve. Either model mounts as a USB or firewire device but 
I am not clear if there is any software to play back DSD files from the computer.

Also, there are arguments out there about whether DSD really is all that it's cracked up to be in 
real-world conditions of music and voice recording and transfer.

But, it's a Good Thing to see DSD devices proliferate. One caution to people following this 
thread -- make sure you separate DSD recording and DSD 1-bit devices from the SACD format, which is 
a separate matter. That, by the way, is another problem with these recorders. You can't actually 
take their files and burn a SACD disc onto a blank DVD. The SACD format is full of DRM and 
patent-fees and so far no one has come up with a home or small studio SACD burner that I know of. So 
right now, the only people who can play back your DSD files are those with their own DSD machines, 
and I'm not even sure that Korg files play back on Tascam machines or vice-versa.

-- Tom Fine

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> Well, SACD may yet have a life as a high-resolution capture format.
> Korg (yes, Virginia, Korg!) has just announced their new, very portable
> 1-bit recorders: the MR-1 which records at 2.8 MHz ("260 minutes
> in stereo"), and the M-1000 which records at 5.6 MHz ("520 minutes").
> Prices are roughly $700 and $1200, respectively.  This is quite remarkable.
> Archival transfers anyone?
> Doug Pomeroy
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>>On 06/07/07, G. W. Ulrich Sieveking wrote:
>> > There has been a discussion about sales figures of high resolution
>> > digital media on this list recently, so here are at least the figures
>> > for Germany for 2006 as compiled by the German branch of IFPI (all
>> > numbers are millions, the complete report can be seen here:
>> >
>> >
>> > CD 149.5
>> > MC 5.8
>> > LP 0.6
>> > SACD & DVD-A 0.2
>> >
>> > So there obviously is a reason to keep the number of SACDs sold
>> > secret...
>>I think BMG said they had sold about a million of the Living Stereo
>>series all told so far. Sorry, I can't reember where I read that.
>>Maybe if they made the slightest attempt to market the SACD, it might
>>sell a bit better. 99% of potential customers have never heard of it.
>>The other problem is that only well recorded content really benefits.
>>Don Cox
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