Sorry for the late post to this thread, but I once had a 3 inch Decca
 " Pennsylvania Polka" sung by the Andrew Sisters. 78 rpm - piano
One verse. A hard plastic of some type. Not shellac. 
Yes, it plays !  Not a common format either.  

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FWIW, Russ Morgan was a trombonist, so perhaps it was a sort of gag
for him?

Andy Mansfield was the pianist on the Ray Miller & His Hotel Gibson 
Orchestra sides recorded for Brunswick in Chicago (in October 1927)and

Cincinnnati (in February 1928). A "Happy Mansfield" was the bass player

for the band when it recorded in 1926 - perhaps a relative?
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The Andy Mansfield of our collection is the pianist, also arranger, and
I believe played several other instruments.  He was somewhat of a
musical genius, I believe.  He was an only child, born in 1902 and the
son of a train engineer, in Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania.  None of his
material mentions any relatives in the music biz, but who knows....  He
played the church organ from the age of 13.  His first group was the
Jazz Phiends, he also worked with Paul Whiteman, and is said to have
been a friend of Fred Waring.  He was in radio by 1931, maybe a bit

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