Speaking of JC and Folsom Prison era, I found this nice appreciation of Luther Perkins, who died 
soon after the Folsom concert.

Note: did not fact-check so cannot verify if it's all accurate.

-- Tom Fine

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> Dear Steve Ramm
> Thank you for recommending my Sing documentary.  It has become a  classic and
> I am proud to have made it.  And my Earl Scruggs film and my  film, Bluegrass
> Roots.
> I do hope that the person making the query regarding Johnny Cash contacts
> Bob Elfstrom in San Francisco.  Somewhere in his archive sits wonderful
> material I am sure.  I don't know what ever happened to the producer of  the Folsom
> Prison documentary, Arthur Barron, but he is  also worth looking into.
> The time I filmed was the time that Johnny was getting clean and I remember
> him, and his family, with great fondness.  What a spectacular and unique
> individual.
> David Hoffman
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> _www.thefeverof57.com_ (  (a film that  could not
> have been made without this group and the things sent to me after  I queried
> for material re Sputnik)
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