Wonder if he still has any of his original recordings on acetate based
tapes and what shape they're in ?

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Even if  he didn't invent multi-tracking, I found the program
incredibly  interesting.  He seems to be a musical man for all
I used to  hear him periodically on the Joey Reynolds radio show from
NYC; I should be  doing what he's doing at age 92.

Just got through seeing the Les Paul documentary. Amazing how the 
story told 
itself without the help of a narrator. The producers chose to let Les 
the story himself, by intercutting bits and pieces of the interview
with  him. 
I also enjoyed how they used graphics from Les' records in the various 

animation segments. It was a good tribute. It would have been nice,
however, to  
have a bit more serious analysis of what he did rather than use wasted
shots  of 
Jeff Beck, Bonnie Raitt, and Richard Carpenter (Richard CARPENTER???) 
and aahing over Les' Capitol recordings. Did anyone catch the sound of 

sticky shed squealing when they switched on his original Ampex tape
deck with  the 
extra head? They were playing a record of "Lover" over the visual, but
the room sound on, and you could hear the squeal every time the tape
Cary  Ginell
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