Thanks Bob. So there is a great monetary incentive for an artist not to price themselves out of the 
market -- loss of royalties on the one hand and perhaps more importantly loss of free 
promotion/audience-widening on the other. If I were an audience I'd tread very lightly before I put 
internet radio out of business for all intents and purposes. Greed has killed more than one golden 
goose through history ...

One man's opinion, etc.

-- Tom Fine

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> From Tom Fine: "...Not as obvious to me: what percent of royalties paid go
> to the original artists and what percent go
> to Big Music companies?..."
> From:
> "Artist Share of Royalties
> Artists receive 50% of royalties earned for each performance. The featured
> artist receives 45% of the total artist share. The nonfeatured artists are
> the players that perform auxiliary functions on a recording, and through
> their unions, receive a 5% compulsory rate established by law. The SRCO, who
> may or may not be the actual label, receives the other 50%. SoundExchange
> pays these shares out directly to the featured artists, labels, and unions
> (AFTRA and AFM). If you are a nonfeatured musician or a nonfeatured
> vocalist, and would like to inquire about any royalties that may be due you,
> please contact the AFM and AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution
> Fund at"
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