John Loy wrote:

> It gives _that_ _track_ a title but does not imply it is the title of 
> the song. If the song is instrumental we may simply write for example 

I have watched with interest as this thread wound itself into ever 
tighter knots, realizing that there is a somewhat different situation in 
the classical field. Typically, a selection - let's use an aria - may be 
known by its first line, a name, or both. Complicating matters, the 
information may be in any of a number of languages including that of the 
cataloguer, that in which it is sung, or one or more 'original' 
languages (some operas are substantially different in the versions 
composed for different productions).

It is conventional in identifying the aria to surround the first line 
with quotation marks and to omit them when the name is used. Thus, 
Escamillo's aria from Carmen might be known as
Toreador Song
"Votre toast"
or a combination of the two.

Frankly, I believe that the issue of quotation marks is one of the 
lesser ones we deal with in classical nomenclature.

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