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> Finally, most not-yet-famous groups are promoting
> their recordings via
> their own web site...and selling them via operations
> like CDbaby. The
> "terrestrial" radio operations still get free
> records from the "major
> labels" (so far, anyway)...but, given net radio,
> sattellite radio, and
> all the various low-cost (as well as illicit)
> sources for digital music,
> old-fashioned electromagnetic radio is becoming the
> least-used way to
> distribute one's music...

I don't even play modern artists and I still get LOTS
of unsolicited messages from various artists who want
to send me mp3s, CDs and such in hopes that I will
give them airplay.  I always ignore them because very
little of it is stuff that I would probably like and
even if I did like it, I would not play it on my
station as it would be outside of its format.  Clearly
the people who send me such stuff have not done very
much research as to what my station is all about.

The point is, however, that Internet radio is a
WONDERFUL tool for small artists who wish to become
better known.  And in the world of music, connections
are EVERYTHING - and by getting one's music and name
in front of more people, one's odds of being in the
right place at the right time for opportunities that
might come up are much greater. 

In the not too-distant future, the artists themselves
are going to be the main competitors to and ultimately
will take over the functions that were once served by
the major RIAA labels.  The labels are little more
than middle men between the artists and their fans. 
In the future, there will be no need for such
middlemen.  That which the artists cannot do for
themselves they will outsource to others - and those
others will work FOR the artist and NOT the other way
around as has been the case for decades.  The artists
themselves will become businesses in their own right. 
The Internet has leveled the playing field for artists
in a major and wonderful way - and obviously there are
some out there who do not like and are not prepared to
deal with the flood of competition that is going to
come about as a result of it.