Please explain how either my posting or, for that
matter, Bob's posting that I was responding to is
"personal stuff."

Bob made some assertions about where I stand that he
failed to back up.  But that is not necessarily
personal.  People do that all the time.

My pointing out that his assertions about me were
unsubstantiated was an observation of fact - a fact
that nobody can dispute.  My pointing this out was not
personal - and, indeed, I went so far as to suggest
that he back them up and provide the evidence
necessary to make his case. 

--- David Lennick <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Folks..this IS an interesting topic when it leads to
> copyright issues and 
> licensing as related to CD issuing, transfers and
> archiving, but I for one have 
> bloody had it with the personal stuff. Please take
> it outside and please take 
> it outside NOW.
> And yes I know I have a delete button. Used it many
> times, possibly missed some 
> pertinent stuff because of the overkill of the I'm
> Right You're a Moron dialog.
> dl
> Dismuke wrote:
> > --- Bob Olhsson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >> What I'm saying is that you are mistaken. You are
> >> confusing two different kinds of royalties. You
> are
> >> also very confused about the relationships
> between
> >> artists, labels, the RIAA, the CRB and
> >> SoundExchange. Furthermore you are very confused
> >> about the various kinds of relationships that
> exist
> >> between artists and both independent and major
> >> record labels. 
> >>
> > 
> > 
> > I am afraid that the above statement is nothing
> more
> > than a series of empty assertions that you do not
> even
> > attempt to substantiate with examples or evidence.
>  If
> > you wish for the above to be taken seriously or to
> > even have any objective meaning at all, you will
> back
> > up your statements with either evidence or
> specific
> > examples of that which you are talking about.
> >