I just stumbled across the following on

This is the first attempt I am aware of to set up a
PRO outside of SoundExchange where webcasters can
license music on a wholesale basis.

Unfortunately, it does not do existing webcasters any
good in terms of the present crisis unless they happen
to have a polka format.  And the only copyright
holders it serves are those who issue polka
recordings.  Also, it only enables copyright holders
to allow webcasters to play their recordings for free.
 It it is not set up for copyright holders who wish to
make money off their recordings but at more reasonable
rates than the statutory rate.

Such an approach IS a valid alternative, in my
opinion, to statutory licensing.  It is certainly a
step in a better, more free market oriented approach
to the matter  But, as I mentioned, it does NOT do the
vast majority of current webcasters any good at all -
and it certainly will not do them any good in the
future if they are forced out of business in the next
few weeks or months if the CRB rates go into effect.

If I am forced to leave my current service providers
and go on my own using 78 rpms with just an ASCAP
license, I will eventually be contacting labels which
reissue vintage music asking for a direct license.  In
doing so, I might sound them out and see if they would
be interested in participating in a similar service so
that other vintage oriented broadcasters can also give
them airplay.  I'd have to check with that polka
organization just how much work, time and money is
involved in it.