I have one of these RCA dealer previews.This is a 12" 78 on flexi-vinyl.One side of Toscanini,one side of Heifitz,dating from the 1940s,white label,marked "Dealer Preview".The sound is OK,but it can't compare with the red vinyl "De Luxe" series.


Michael Shoshani <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 

 From the 78 RPM era, I've had record store demonstration copies from 
Victor, Columbia, and Decca, that were pressed on really nice vinyl as 
opposed to ordinary shellac (or, in Decca's case, asphalt with sand). I 
have no idea what sort of equipment dealers used to play these, but it 
would seem to me that the thinking was that dealers needed really good 
copies to "show off" the record being sold.

Michael Shoshani

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