Actually organized record collecting goes back before 1940,with the rise of Hot Record Society,and other such labels.Condition os uber-important to many "shellacophiles" too.Especially in classical,and postwar R&B/early rock,the two main genres of 78s I collect.Don't believe me ? Try selling lower condition copies.


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From: "Roger and Allison Kulp" 
> The White Stripes have always been a big vinyl/collector band.Don't care for
'em much,myself,but...Their debut single is inching up into four-figure
territory.I sold a couple of their early singles,back in ought-three,for $125.00
that have since doubled in price.
Interesting...confirms my suspicions that most "collecting" in the XXI
Jahrhundert is about how much things are WORTH(!) rather than any instrinsic
or cultural value!

In other words, a very competitive "game" of "Mine's bigger (in a monetary
sense as well as in sheer count of items...) than yours...!

Actually, this sort of thing probably started a few decades ago, when
things like sports cards, collectors' plates, Avon bottles and such
suddenly became SERIOUS colletors' items, with "price guides" that
matched the long-established guide books for coins and stamps. As well,
vinyl collectors (unlike us shellacophiles) look for copies which are
not only mint, but also have mint-condition unmarred sleeves/jackets,
pristine labels and show no signs of ever having been used by humans.
Of course, having found such a disc, the collector is then very
unlikely to play the dommed thing (for which he [usually "he," anyway]
just laid out a quite impressive sum...!) because that, of course,
would immediately render it "less valuable!"

Go figger...?!

Steven C. Barr

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