MR is Monarch Records of LA/Hollywood.

What about MF on the early Mercs ? 


phillip holmes <[log in to unmask]> wrote: I know that Piros scribed "P13" and "P17".  I think the P17 sound a 
little punchier to me.  Were there any other common PXX combinations you 
can recall?  Also, I was playing a Mercury Wing, one that didn't suck, 
and "MR" was in the deadwax.  Who is "MR"?

Tom Fine wrote:
> I think all sorts of strange stuff took place with cutting guys in the 
> 60's, 70's and at th end of the LP era.  Stan Ricker had some quite 
> original stuff in his Mobile Fidelity cuts of the 70's. In earlier 
> times, too much fanciful stuff was frowned on but every cutter had his 
> "maker's mark" that he would inscribe. At Fine Sound in the 50's, most 
> cuts would just have the catalog number stamped in the dead wax like 
> early Mercury MG series. Same for Verve, Kapp and Grand Award cut 
> there. This might have been a practice my father picked up at Reeves 
> in the late 40's or Majestic before that. When Fine Recording opened 
> up, George Piros was dealing with more lathes and more cutter heads 
> --  certain combinations preferred by certain producers -- so he 
> started a code of "PXX" with XX being a number representing a lathe 
> and cutter head. He would hand-scribe his mark plus the catalog number 
> and side a or b into the dead wax. John Johnson would scribe JJ. Once 
> dedicated mastering houses sprung up, you'd see a stamp imprint of, 
> for instance, "Mastered by MasterDisc". I'm not sure if guys at the 
> pressing plant would further scribe the dead wax to indicate a 
> replacement part or later replacement master. I would imagine a major 
> label's mastering department, like Columbia, would some pretty complex 
> codes to follow in the interest of uniformity.
> Bob, how many cutters were there at Motown and what was your system?
> -- Tom Fine
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