A suggestion, most modern turntables are not flat enough for these
discs, place a piece of board or cardboard similar in size and shape of
the disc with a hole in it to create a flat surface. You might need a
small piece of tape on the back (if one sided) or near the edge if
cardboard surface is too slippery.

Robert Wasserman
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Sound Archives Proj. Asst./Lead Tech.
Wisconsin Historical Society

Dear Barbara Need,

If the disc is translucent green vinyl, it may be a Soundscriber 
disc. These were 33.3 rpm microgroove, so you should try to play it 
as if it were an LP. Pray that it hasn't warped; if it has, you may 
need to send it to someone with excellent equipment and much experience.

Sincerely, Richard

At 02:59 PM 7/17/2007, you wrote:
>I have been asked to get a digital transfer from what I believe to 
>be a "Flexi disc" (thin green plastic /vinyl disc with a square 
>hole). The only complication is that, as far as I can tell, these 
>were LPs and, therefore, no earlier than 1948. The date on the disc, 
>however, is '43. We have an osmium stylus (which we use for 
>78s)  and a diamond stylus (which we use for LPs). What stylus 
>should I use for playback? (And if you have recommendations for 
>adding to my stylus supply, I would welcome that as well, though I 
>may not be able to do anything about it just yet.)
>Barbara Need