The continual zooming in and out to "seek and destroy" the clicks can be
tedious in the extreme!  Sometimes you can hear a click but not see it
at any zoom level in the normal wave view.  

Cool Edit's spectral view can be very useful for locating such clicks.
Typically they show as a thin vertical line in spectral view.  This way,
you can operate at a wider zoom level and just keep hitting the F3 key.

Good luck

Nigel Champion
Archive of Maori & Pacific Music
The University of Auckland

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Someone has loaned me a cylinder record of about 1905, containing a
one-only recording of a folksong by turn-of-the-
century railway workers.     The record has an irregular 
hairline crack full length.

I am attempting to acquire a reasonable audio recording off this
cylinder as being played on my restored Edison Triumph cylinder

I'm recording straight into Cool Edit Pro 2 in my laptop, a process I've
used successfully for many cylinder records.

Because of the hairline crack, every resolution produces a resounding

In CoolEditPro, I can use automatic click removal, but that automatic
process leaves behind a tiny moment of silence for everything it

If I expand the wave display so I can identify and delete the clicks
manually, there is no gap, the click simply disappears 
with no moment of silence, which is what I want.     

I really want to avoid having to spend an entire weekend going through
the WAV file click by click by click by nauseating click.

Does any one out there know if CoolEdit Pro can be told to delete such
clicks automatically, without leaving behind a zillion tiny moments of

Alternatively, is there an audio editor out there that can remove these
clicks automatically without leaving behind these tiny moments of

Or am I doomed to a weekend of agony?

Thoughts of others?


Terry Smythe

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