For Manuscript Division finding aids here, we're marking our related
collections with an <archref> tag and using the href attribute to
link. We've only been linking to collections already online, and only
review to see if new links are needed if the finding aid is touched for
some other reason. Theoretically, you could search for <archref>s to
update on a regular basis. We do add <archref>s for related collections in
other institutions, but don't plan to add any links to these.

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On Wed, 18 Jul 2007, Michele Combs

> I'm curious about implementations of the EAD <relatedmaterial> element
> (cross-posted to both EAD and Archives and Archivists listservs):
> 1) If you are routinely using this to point users to related
> collections, are you making these items links or plain text?
> 2) If you are making them links (extrefs), are you a) inserting the
> link at the time of tagging, even if the target related finding aid is
> not yet done, or b) leaving it plain text and going back later to insert
> the link when the target related finding aid is done?  
> 2a) If the former, for related finding aids that are not yet in EAD are
> you linking to a temporary target (for example to a placeholder "This
> finding aid is not yet electronic" message) or are you putting in the
> correct href for the future finding aid (thus creating a temporarily
> dead link)?
> 2b) If the latter, how are you tracking them so you know to go back
> later and insert the link?
> Thanks -
> Michele C.
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