You can use any controlled vocabulary you wish; be sure to include the
correct code in the "source" attribute to tell where it came from.  For

<subject encodinganalog="650" source="lcsh">Vampires in
<subject encodinganalog="650" source="mesh">Arnold-Chiari
<subject encodinganalog="650" source="agrovoc">Earias

Note that if you're using MARC, the encodinganalog="650" should be
changed to encodinganalog="690" if the term isn't devised according to
one of the accepted thesauri.

You can find a useful list of the most common thesauri along with the
abbreviation for the source attribute here, in the Library of Congress
EAD pages: (scroll down to

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Hi everyone,


When indicating subject headings for EAD, should they conform to LCSH
(Anesthesiology-History) or can they be in the MeSH format


Thanks in advance for your help.





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