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I am in the process of getting EAD implemented at my institution.  Currently, we have finding aids written up and saved as Word documents.  What would be the process to get these Word documents marked up with EAD and up on the Internet?  Also, what software do you recommend to get this done?  I have taken two Amigos classes about EAD.  In the first class we used Altova XMLSpy and in the second class we used Oxygen.  I learned from the classes how to mark up finding aids with EAD and how to start creating a stylesheet, but I really need to know the entire process and everything that is involved as well as all of the equipment that I will need.  Any information that you could give me to get this up and running would be very much appreciated.  Thanks!


Misty D. Smith
Assistant Professor & Cataloger
Special Collections & University Archives
Edmon Low Library, Room 204B

Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078-1071
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