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Thanks for asking for clarification.

I had initially meant using the "normal" attribute, but I would appreciate thoughts on the former as well.  I see that our legacy finding aids have dates in a variety of formats, and many <unitdates> aren't even defined as such.  I would prefer not to hold off publishing our EADs until all this is fixed, unless I'd be running some serious risks.


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Clarification: when you say "normalizing" do you mean "changing the way

the date is written to be in a consistent format" or do you mean "using

the normal attribute in the unitdate element" ? 


Michele C.



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  I would appreciate thoughts on risks of not normalizing the dates of

legacy EADs before publishing them, at least in the short term, while we

don't have a facility to search across them. 

Thanks in advance,

Deena Schwimmer