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Subject: RE: Martha Yee's comments on LIS education (fwd)

Here at Kent's library school, cataloging is no longer seen as central
to the curriculum. Instead it is seen as one option among many.
Cataloging is not a required course and people routinely graduate with
little understanding of how to best utilize out work.

Some of the professors in the school actually recommend to their
students that they might not want to study cataloging because the
vendors will be providing automated records throughout their future
careers. In their eyes, metadata will come out of the information
science community, not the library community.

I have struggled to get anyone to focus on this issue locally and
regionally, and am finding that people just don't get the importance.
Even catalogers have suggested that I am over-emphasizing the importance
of the work of the LC's Working Group. 

I think that Martha Yee's paper as read on Autocat is a brilliant
analysis of where we are standing - economically, politically and

If hyperbole helps to change minds, by all means use it.

Margaret Maurer
Associate Professor, Head, Catalog & Metadata
Kent State University Libraries & Media Services
Editor, TechKNOW
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