I guess I just don't think that there is one right way or even one best way for every person in every context. It's great that you love what you do, and it's great to share that work with others. It's not so great to say people who don't do it your way don't appreciate what you do. I can appreciate MARC at the same time that I appreciate ONIX; since I work with and teach workshops on "metadata," I in fact need to be able to use a variety of metadata standards and schemes and see how they relate to each other. I think that that ability to see the bigger picture is a fundamental part of cataloging education.

As far as "making all our authority records web-pages (URIs), or something like that," I'm following a number of projects including the Open Library project from the Internet Archive  ( and the Encoded Archival Context project (see, which is a bit out-of-date), both of which have the promise to permit collaborative authority work, albeit in very different ways. 

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Danielle said:

"I think we all agree that we need more investments in cataloging and
metadata creation, not fewer, although those investments *will not and
cannot be targeted at traditional cataloging, the way we've 'always'
done it.* Yee and others would be much better equipped to argue against
outsourcing and eliminating cataloging practices if they recognized that
essential truth... I'm a medievalist by training..." (end)

Danielle, I think the way we've done it in the past 100 years is in
several ways the best way (not in all, to be sure), albeit the tradition
is not long as you say.  I just posted the following on AUTOCAT: