I have two comments on the changes to ISO639-3 as proposed in your document.

Request 2006-084 for a new code element for Medieval Greek (gkm):  Adopting this addition will make it necessary to revised the captions for identifiers grc and ell/gre.  Those identifiers are part of ISO 639-2.

Request 2006-127 for a new code element for Katso (kaf):  This may be the same language as Kaduo (ktp).

Milicent Wewerka, Library of Congress

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Hello All,

The first round of change requests for ISO 639-3 underwent review from 
April 1 - June 30. As expected, not many received any comments, though the 
Valencian request received 43 comments alone (5 other change requests 
received one comment each), about 1/4 opposed and 4/5 in favor (including 
a form letter sent in by 9 people).

I am attaching a document that is my report on the changes, with summaries 
and recommendations. Three code elements affected are in both Part 2 and 
Part 3. The changes to these are summarized first in the report. The rest 
of the report contains summaries of all other changes (those affecting 
only Part 3).

Obviously action on the three code elements in both parts will require 
agreement of the JAC. In addition, though, I would appreciate a review of 
the other proposed changes, as it is just possible that one or more of 
them might have some effect on Part 2 that I had not foreseen.

To see the actual change request documentation, use this pattern for the 
where the parameter at the end is the change request number.

In order to minimize delay in posting the results of the requests (at 
least for those only pertaining to part 3), I would appreciate a response 
by July 18th, if possible. Debate on the Valencian - Catalan matter may 
take longer, of course. For more on that matter, please see my message 
dated 13 Apr 2007.


Joan Spanne
ISO 639-3/RA
SIL International
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Dallas, TX 75236
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