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2ND CALL FOR TRAINERS--deadline July 17, 2007
The first call was issued in mid-June 2007.  We have sent email acknowledgments in answer to all applications and references received by July 11.  If you have sent an application or a reference, and have not received an acknowledgment, please contact us before July 17, the deadline for all applications.

To attend an Instructor Development Seminar for a new course:

Fundamentals of Series Authorities

Experienced catalogers/trainers may apply to become presenters for a
new 2-day course "Fundamentals of Series Authorities."  Selected
applicants will attend an Instructor Development Seminar (IDS) on
October 31, 2007, at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC.  Following the IDS, trainers' names will appear on the LC website where sponsors can recruit them to lead workshops.

More details:
The trainer's main responsibility will be to present the material.  A
task group drawn from the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Standing
Committee on Training (PCC SCT) and the Association for Library
Collections and Technical Services Cataloging and Classification Section
(ALCTS CCS) developed the content. Libraries, library associations, or
other groups that wish to sponsor a workshop will register the event,
obtain licenses for materials from LC's Cataloging Distribution
Service, and identify trainers on the course website offered by
Cataloger's Learning Workshop (CLW).  Workshop sponsors pay the expenses of the presenters for scheduled events.  Honoraria are given at the discretion of the sponsor.

Course content:
This two-day course will present authoritative, standardized training
in the decisions associated with series. The training will cover all
aspects of series-use both in bibliographic and authority records.
Lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises will cover the need for
series heading control, treatment options, how to read the authority
record, how to record series in bibliographic records, basic authority
control workflow, and creating and maintaining series authority

Intended audience:
The intended audience for the *Fundamentals of Series Authorities*
course is the library community at-large, including both PCC and non-PCC participants.  The modules are designed to build basic skills in library
staff cataloging or performing tasks dependent on series statements in
bibliographic records and series authority records.  It will be useful
for those who are new to the series concepts and who have some basic
knowledge of cataloging and the MARC formats. While not designed to
cover advanced or specialized topics, the course will also be a useful
review for experienced catalogers, especially those who supervise or
train other catalogers.  The first day modules give a general overview
of series for those who see and interpret series statements in catalog
records.  The second day modules teach skills used in creating series
authority records.  (Attendance at this course does not fulfill the
requirements to contribute series authority records to the Library of
Congress/NACO Authority File.)

Qualifications/Requirements for IDS Applicants:

A minimum of 3 years cataloging experience; thorough
understanding of the principles and application of series and series
authority records.
Knowledge of AACR2Revised, Library of Congress Rule
Interpretations, and other documentation use in cataloging.
Experience training others, such as SCCTP workshops, PCC, CLW or
other cataloging-related workshops, or significant in-house training.
Supervisor's submission of References for Trainers form to
indicate support from the applicant's home institution.

Instructions for the Applicant:
Candidates for training should save the Application for Trainer found
at <>, complete and return it via email by July 17, 2007 to Carolyn Sturtevant,
[log in to unmask] .

Selection of participants:

When choosing participants for the IDS, selectors may wish to consult
with the applicant's supervisor or another reference who can provide
helpful details on qualifications.  Factors such as class size and
geographical distribution of potential trainers will enter into the
selection process as well.  Regrettably, it may not be possible to
select all qualified candidates.

Reference for Trainer from Supervisor at home institution:

In addition to the application from a prospective trainer, the CLW
requires a statement of support from the applicant's home institution
if the participant will be using official time to prepare, travel, and
instruct at another institution.  Travel expenses for a participant's
attendance at the IDS event are not reimbursed by the CLW.  When the
applicant becomes a trainer, the group sponsoring that event will cover
the travel expenses of the instructor, and optionally, may offer an

Instructions for the Supervisor:
Supervisors should save the References for Trainers document found at
<>, complete
and return it by July 17 via email to Carolyn Sturtevant, [log in to unmask]

Instructions for optional additional references for the applicant:
Other parties with knowledge of the applicant's qualifications may
submit comments by saving the References for Trainers document, complete and return it via email to Carolyn Sturtevant, [log in to unmask].

Confirmation required for course attendance:
Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be placed in
the IDS. Accordingly you should not make any travel arrangements for
receiving official confirmation.  The registrar will acknowledge all
applications as they arrive.  The registrar will notify each potential
candidate of the response to their application by Friday, August 10,
2007, sending confirmation notices and additional details to

Upcoming events in the course development timeline:

June 8, 2007
Call issued for trainers to attend the October 31, 2007 Instructor
Development Seminar in Washington, DC

June 21-22, 2007
Initial presentation of the course as a preconference at the American
Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC.  The ALCTS
preconference course title is: Comprehensive Series Training: An
ALCTS/PCC Workshop.

Summer 2007
Course developers edit the materials based on comments from
preconference instructors and attendees.

July 17, 2007
Deadline for applications to attend the Instructor Development Seminar
to become a trainer for the Fundamentals of Series Authorities course.

August 10, 2007
Applicants for the Instructor Development Seminar receive notification
whether or not they have been selected for the October 31 session.

October 31, 2007
The Library of Congress hosts the Instructor Development Seminar for
Fundamentals of Series Authorities in Washington, DC. This will be a
one-day session in which trainers will become familiar with the course
content and presentation and delivery techniques.  There is no cost for
the training or the materials but trainees are responsible for paying
their own expenses.

November 1, 2007
Earliest date that sponsors may present the Fundamentals of Series
Authorities course.  Sponsors may submit registration forms well in
advance to begin planning.

Please direct any questions to:
Carolyn Sturtevant, CLW Editorial Team
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4382  USA
[log in to unmask]
202-252-2082 fax

The CLW Editorial Team and the course developers appreciate the
expressions of interest from trainers and others during this selection
process.  It is through the combined efforts of many individuals and
institutions that cataloging training opportunities are expanding for
the larger library community.