Hi all,

We posted this announcement on the YAZ mailing list last Monday, and
for some reason it's only just occurred to us that it would be
relevant to people on the ZNG list, too.  (Probably due to our
historical Z39.50-centricity.)  Anyway, here is IRSpy:


Six days ago, Seb wrote that "It isn't every day that we release a
brand-new piece of software".  It's true: our record at the moment is
once every six days :-)

We're pleased to announce the release of IRSpy, a repository of
service-description records for standards-compliant Information
Retrieval services (Z39.50 and SRU/SRW).  As you'd expect, it uses
ZeeRex records as described at
to describe the services, since ZeeRex (ANSI/NISO Z39.92) is itself
the standard format for this kind of thing.

IRSpy uses a Zebra database as its backend, and includes both
command-line tools and a Web UI.  The repository is itself accessible
using both Z39.50 and SRU.  Best of all, it can run tests on services
to see what facilites they support, what access points work, what
record syntaxes can be returned, etc.

This software was developed in co-operative between Index Data and the
National Library of Finland.  We'd like to gratefully acknowledge
their sponsorship of this project.

It's written in Perl, using the ZOOM-Perl module to provide the Z39.50
and SRU client functionality.  IRSpy's Web UI is built on the
HTML::Mason module.

IRSpy can be freely downloaded from CPAN at
and a running installation can be accessed at


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