Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress writes:
 > > ... with the exception of this brain-damage: "It was the
 > > consensus of the meeting that there should be a parameter (in SRU
 > > version 2.0) to specify the requested response schema: SRU, RSS,
 > > ATOM, ext."
 > >
 > > But luckily for everyone who agreed with this idea at the meeting, I
 > > am too tired to fight it.
 > As this is an issue that need not be resoved any time soon (it
 > would be considered within the OASIS work, for SRU 2.0) nobody is
 > suggesting that you not advocate your position, but we (the meeting
 > participants) feel that you haven't articulated any argument - "a
 > tool should do one thing and do it well" (or however you put it)
 > seems at best a non sequitur. We're hoping you will join the TC and
 > that you'll be willing to share your insight on this when it comes
 > up.

Well, as I said, I am too weary to fight this.  To me, making the
change is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa: self evidently
The Wrong Thing.  But if you are more of a Laughing Cavalier kind of
guy prefer your paintings to have moustaches, then that is ultimately
a matter of taste, and nothing I say will persuade you.  So let's save
ourselves the bother by my not trying.

 > >> Pairing a modifier from one set with a value from another is not
 > >> a good practice.
 > >
 > > It's not just "not good practice", it's impossible.
 > It's not impossible unless the spec says it's impossible.  I'd be
 > happy to add explicit prose to this effect but right now the spec
 > does not preclude this behavior.

	Context sets permit CQL users to create their own
	indexes, relations, relation modifiers and boolean
	modiers without fear of chosing the same name as
	someone else and thereby having an ambiguous
	query.  All of these four aspects of CQL must come
	from a context set, however there are rules for
	determining the prevailing default if one is not

Nothing there about relation-modifier values.

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