The schemas do not permit a string value directly under <extraResponseData> but expects child xml elements so

<extraResponseData>some string stuff</extraResponseData> should not validate against the schemas



Will validate - what you stick under foo:myExtraStuff (string, XML, mixed) is your own affair, and if you allow both string encoding or XML underneath that, how you request that is also your own affair.


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> Isn't extraResponseData (etc) always returned as XML?
> Rob
> On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 11:16 -0400, LeVan,Ralph wrote:
> > But, there is extraResponseData in a ScanResponse, and I need to know
> > how to return that, as a string or as XML.  Right now, I’m using the
> > default assumption that SRW returns strings and SRU returns XML, but
> > it seems like the client should have as much control over how
> > extraData is returned as they do over how records are returned.