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It's time to flip the July calendar page to reveal the month of August!  This is our last chance to squeeze in some summer fun.  There's a wide, sandy beach in Maine with a place reserved for my umbrella at the end of August.  I trust that you've found some escape from your desks this season.


It's also a good time to sketch out the end of the year activities for PCC partners.  At LC, the fiscal year ends September 30, 2007.  The Coop Team is asked to submit our annual Coop Team and PCC reports about a week in advance of the actual end of the fiscal year.  That prompts us to run our PCC stats reports by the third week of September each year.  Here are a few notes of explanation and instruction for PCC record contributors.


NACO contributors:  Our NACO stats are automatically generated the 1st day of each month, so we can't tinker with the system.   A few years ago, we adopted a one-month delay to make certain we always have NACO stats by the third week of September.  Your NARs arrive at LC one month, but we count them in the next month's stats display.  The records you contributed back in September 2006 arrived at the end of FY2006, but we counted them as October 2007, the first month of FY2007.  We apply that pattern  throughout the entire year.  Thus, your July NARs will be counted as August stats, and your August NARs will be the September stats, the final group to be added to FY2007.  Any NARs you wish to have on your FY2007 totals must reach the LC database by August 31, 2007.


SACO contributors:  Subject heading and classification number proposals reaching us after September 1 are less likely to be included in our FY2007 totals.  Since our review process normally takes a few weeks and depends on a finite number of staff, it's not possible to predict how many of the proposals arriving priot to September 1 will be approved by the third week of September.  We'll do our best.


BIBCO and CONSER contributors:  Your stats totals for the year appear at a special display.  Please check to see if you need to add any missing numbers to your single monthly report.   Remember--only one report per month ;>)  Let me know if you have questions at [log in to unmask]


Our BIBCO/CONSER stats program is moderately automated, but we have a real person pushing the button to run that program each month, and we can adjusted our schedule at the end of the year.  Please help us by marking your calendars for the dates we list below.  You've been great at sending only one stats report per reporting period this entire year, so I have hopes that this will be the smoothest end-of-year event ever!


You may submit a stats report by Aug. 7.  We'll run the program Aug. 8.  Please send no reports Aug. 8-14.

You may submit a stats report by Sept. 7.  We'll run the program Sept. 10.  Please send no reports Sept. 10-14.

You may submit a stats report by Sept. 21.  We'll run the program Sept. 24.  Take your finger off that submit button!

The stats submitted by Sept. 21 will appear on FY2007 totals.


Please send no reports Sept. 24 - Oct. 14.

Your next reporting period will cover your contributions from Sept. 24 to Oct 31.  Add up all the numbers!


You may submit a stats report by Nov. 7.  We'll run the program Nov. 8.  Please send no reports Nov. 8-14. 


This pattern will continue throughout FY2008.  Submit by the 7th, we run it the 8th, you wait until the 15th.


BIBCO and CONSER narratives:  Members in these programs are asked to submit a brief narrative about their activities to the program coordinators for inclusion in the annual reports.  Last year's reports appear online:




All of us who work on stats thank you for your cooperation!

Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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