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Excess List #07-43




ADA an Introduction to the Art & Science of Programming, 1992

Assembly Language Programming for the Control Data 6000 & Cyber Series,

Assembly Language Programming in Compass, 1987

Basic Graph & Network Algorithms, 1989

Basic Hydraulics, 1982

C Answer Book, 2nd ed., 1988

C Programming Language, 2nd ed., 1988

Computers & Microprocessors Components & Systems, 3rd ed., 1992

Designing Large Real Time Systems with ADA, 1988

Engineering Applications Software Development Using FORTRAN 77, 1988

FORTRAN Programming Using Structured Flowcharts, 1978

FORTRAN with Engineering Applications, 5th ed., 1992

Fourth-Generation Systems Their Scope, Application & Methods of
Evaluation, 1990

High-Resolution Computer Graphics Using FORTRAN 77, 1987

Jane's Military Communication, 1985-1994

Little Book of Basic Style, 1978

Microcomputer Programming in Basic with Business Applications, 2nd ed.,

Numerical Recipes Example Book (c), 1988

Practical Digital Control, 1989

Programming Microcomputers with Pascal, 1982

Software Metrics, 1981

Top-down, Modular Programming in FORTRAN with WATFIV, 1980

Understanding ADA with Abstract Data Types, 2nd ed., 1989

Using & Troubleshooting the Z-8000, 1982


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