** High Priority **

The FEDLINK OCLC July 2007 billing has not been loaded to your FEDLINK OCLC account yet.  We anticipate that the invoices will load toward the middle of the month.  If you view your "Daily Account Balances" in ALIX-FS (, the balance for Service ID "OC" (OCLC) will not include the July invoice information.

The July billing details can be viewed in the "OCLC Usage Information - View Your Detail Report" in ALIX-FS.

If you have any questions or concerns about your FEDLINK OCLC balances or end-of-fiscal year billing, please contact one of the FEDLINK Network Operations staff:

Holly (Nickle) Kerwin - [log in to unmask] or 202-707-4854
Clark Brown - [log in to unmask] or 202-707-3924
Marla Chesler  - [log in to unmask] or 202-707-4891