At 17:59 -0700 2007-08-01, Peter Constable wrote:

>  > On 2006-10-25 Peter said:
>>... I think it would be helpful if we could hold off on additional 
>>*new* proposals (unless there is an important and urgent user need) 
>>until we get the issues blocking 639-3 out of the way.
>I made that comment before ISO 639-3 was published. It was published 
>in February. That concern no longer applies.


>(There are still some of those open issues that didn't get finalized 
>because JAC members were not responsive. We really should close on 
>that stuff.)

Please process Blissymbols without additional delay, that's what I'm 
asking. Of course you should finalize open issues, but that should 
not affect an ordinary request for the addition of a code element.
Michael Everson *