In answer to Rebecca's question about the notice sent, this is a copy of the notice.

It was also sent to the co-requester, Grzegorz Kozubek.

The link shows the documentation submitted (with a comment from me). I had a long discussion on this with Ethnologue staff in the process of working out the details with the requester.


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2007-07-26 11:47 AM

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Outcome of Change Request

Dear Andrzej Roczniok,

The outcome(s) of the following change request(s) have been determined as noted. Documentation for the request may be reviewed by following the link given.

2006-106 Approved

If you have any questions regarding the decision made concerning any change request listed, please do not hesitate to contact me. Attached to this memo you will also find a summary report-to-date of the outcomes of all change requests considered during the review period just completed.

Thank you for your interest and participation in improving the ISO 639-3 Code List for Names of Languages.

Best regards,

Joan Spanne
ISO 639-3/RA
SIL International
7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd
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