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ISO 639-1 was published in 2002, and it is now up for periodic review. That is a ballot that is sent to all committee members, giving the options of (1) confirming the standard for another period of five years, in which case the document will remain completely unchanged; (2) revising the document, in which case it will be put on the work programme of the WG; (3) withdrawing the document, in which case the document no longer will be a valid International Standard.
ISO/TC 37/SC 2/WG 1 had a meeting yesterday. The WG recommends that ISO 639-1 be confirmed. The main reason for this is that the entire ISO 639 series will undergo a major change in the near future, moving all parts to the procedures of "Standards as databases", as specified in Annex ST to the ISO Supplement to the ISO/IEC directives. (All relevant documents relating to the Directives can be found at
Please bear in mind that the code tables of ISO 639-1 is maintained by the Registration Authority in cooperation with the JAC, and that the code tables are not an issue for the review ballot.
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