The ballot on "Blissymbols" is ongoing. One of the questions on the ballot is:
           ___ I am in favour of the indigenous name "<a symbol like a reversed Z>".
Peter Constable commented:

That’s not a name but a description of a name. I assume we normally record the indigenous name in the indigenous script or in a Latin transliteration or transcription. AFAIK, we have never provided a *description* of the former. Perhaps in this particular case, no system of transliteration has ever been defined and might even be unfeasible, in which case the indigenous script might be the only option. I’d like some discussion on these points on the JAC list, with Michael Everson participating.


I assume reaching consensus regarding indigenous name is not a prerequisite to coding the language and publishing the coding.

It is an interesting case, of course. I assume that there is no actual transcription of the Blissymbols. Are the Blissymbols encoded in Unicode? (I didn't find them.) So we probably don't have any other way of including the "indigenous name" than drawing or describing the symbol.
On the other hand: The actual encoding of the item does not depend on a solution to the indigenous name. We can discuss how to handle this issue independently of the finalization of the current ballot.
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