I proposed zbl for Blissymbols on 2006-06-14.
I sent a reminder about it 2006-10-20.
Håvard opened discussion until 2006-11-10.

Håvard should have issued his ballot on 2006-11-11.

On 2006-10-25 Peter said:

>I don't want to block new proposals that have 
>already been introduced, but as discussed in our 
>teleconference yesterday, there are various 
>issues that need to get resolved before 639-3 
>can be published (ballot will be closing in the 
>next few weeks; I'm preparing info on the open 
>issues and will send that out shortly). Between 
>that and other open proposals Havard is working 
>to bring to closure, I think it would be helpful 
>if we could hold off on additional *new* 
>proposals (unless there is an important and 
>urgent user need) until we get the issues 
>blocking 639-3 out of the way.

There **is** an important and urgent user need 
(as I said in response to him on 2006-10-25). 
Bliss is being built into software products 
alongside languages like English, Swedish, 
Icelandic, French, Finnish, etc etc etc. We want 
to tag web pages. We (I speak as a member of the 
UK affiliate of Blissymbolics Communication 
International) did not ask for the tag out of 
idle interest. I was, frankly, surprised to find 
when I checked that it had not been approved 

I think we have been more than patient with the 
endless discussions on Valencian over the last 
months. Certainly the proposal for Blissymbols 
comes now as no surprise to the ISO 639-3 
Secretariat. I do not understand Joan's message. 
I do not think I should have to file a new 
application for Bliss since it is clear ISO 639-3

On 2006-10-28 Gerhard Budin said:
>I also agree, it should be included in both, parts -2 and -3

*****Come on, folks.***** Raise your hands and 
*approve* "zbl" now without dragging your heels 
on *procedure*. And if you have to issue a formal 
ballot do it TODAY. I mean it. Otherwise I shall 
have no alternative at the very least but file a 
protest with the ISO TC37 Secretariat.

Telling me that we have to wait until December 
2007 is ***NOT*** acceptable. We applied for a 
ISO 639-2 code, the language exists, there are 
many documents, the code "zbl" is free. Take an 
executive decision please.

At 14:19 -0500 2007-07-31, Joan Spanne wrote:
>The process to submit a request for 639-3 starts with a form:
>(change request type 5)
>and continues with another form (since this is 
>for a new language, not a change to an existing 
>code element)
>The next round of requests will be up for formal 
>consideration Sept - Dec. and the outcomes will 
>be announced in January 2008. So this will not 
>enable you to make your announcement, Michael. 
>My apologies.

Michael Everson *