Roger Wallin writes:
 > Ok! I'll continue on the same theme.
 > I found the following statement:
 > "However for bibliographic and cross domain searching, the 'Standard 
 > Identifier' (DC.identifier) access point is used for ISSN, ISBNs, ISMNs, 
 > LCCNs, etc."

For anyone who wonders, that's in the Bath Profile For SRW,

 > Can I use DC.identifier to access both the isbn- and issn-index

That's what it says: so if you're searching in a server that conforms
to this profile, then yes.  (I don't know whether there actually are
any such servers, though.)

 > and how should this be explained in the XML below?

It can't be.

 > If not, how should a new index "identifierAll" be explained that is
 > a "union" of isbn and issn, ie.

ZeeRex doesn't have a way of expressing that./

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