On Wed, 8 Aug 2007 15:41:41 +0100, Dr R. Sanderson wrote:

>If I understand the question, then yes.  It's what we call a non fatal
>diagnostic -- the process completed as successfully as it could, it's
>just that it can't give the absolute number of matching records.

Yes I think that you understood my question. I found the following in

"Surrogate diagnostics take the place of the record for which they are a 
surrogate in the 'records' parameter of the response. Non-surrogate 
records, both fatal and non-fatal, are returned in the 'diagnostics' 

I wonder how many clients out there can handle a "Non-surrogate" 
diagnostic parameter among the usual records. However this won't be a 
problem for us now so let's proceed.

Regards RogerW.