Introducing Gov Gab – Your U.S. Government Blog!

We are very pleased to announce that and the team at the Office of 
Citizen Services at GSA have just launched a blog.  Gov Gab is a blog for 
all Americans to share all our government information.  Check it out at .   

Gov Gab is written by a team of five bloggers with different backgrounds 
and interests, all experts on government information via their jobs at,, or 1 (800) FED-INFO.  Gov Gab offers a new post 
each weekday, and readers are encouraged to join the conversation by 
leaving comments or sending e-mails. The Gov Gab team will key off the 
conversation going on in the blogosphere and use their own experiences and 
expertise as government information managers to blog about the services 
and great information from the U.S. government that are helpful to 
Americans in their everyday lives. 

Check out our first posts and read the “meet the bloggers” section for a 
short, fun autobiography of each writer. With their varying backgrounds 
and stories, the bloggers have something for everyone. This personal 
element lets Gov Gab put a “face” on the federal government, and makes it 
easier for readers to ask questions, share experiences, and join the 
Find out who’s talking, what’s being said, and offer your two cents on Gov—Your U.S. Government Blog.   

And, please, help us spread the word! 


Bev Godwin
Director, and Web Best Practices
Federal Citizen Information Center, Office of Citizen Services
U.S. General Services Administration 
For all your government information needs:
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