Is some of the richness of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) being
Referring to
	-the element <dc:medium> is a refinement/sub-element of <dc:format>
and is intended to provide "The material or physical carrier of the
	-the element <dc:extent> is a refinement/sub-element of <dc:format>
and is intended to provide "The size or duration of the resource".
So perhaps the dc description of Sandburg's "Arithmetic" could include the
		<dc:medium>paper book with drawings and Mylar viewing
		<dc:extent>36? pages</dc:extent>
Could the XSLT conversion somehow insert this extra information?

PS: What LOC mail-list would fit this topic?

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That example was prepared before the current DC XML schema came out. There
was quite a long time before that schema was made available and the DC
record on the LC site was created in 2002.  Subsequently we have made
conversions available using XSLT stylesheets for converting MARCXML to
simple Dublin Core.  The mapping is at: It might be good to go back
and recreate the record based on that stylesheet. In any case, the
conversion would put in dc:type=text. 
There is nothing in the MARC record that says it's a book specifically, so
doing the conversion still wouldn't result in that. In any case, using
simple DC would only result in filling in dc:type using the DCMI Type list,
which also doesn't include "book".

(I'm not sure that this discussion is in scope for the METS list, but that's
where it started.)

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On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, Gyani wrote:

> Hi Trace,

The metadata does not indicate its describing a physical book.

few elements in dublin core do emphasise the resource manifestation and they
are format.medium & type.

both are missing in your metadata.

secondly the xml is well formed & valid but it does not follow the
convention specified by DCMI.

Pls look at this link for more details -

Ganesh Yanamandra
"I haven't lost  my mind ~ it's backed up on disk somewhere!" 

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Is there something wrong with this Dublin Core document?:
There's nothing (to my eye) that shows that it's describing a paper book.
Another question:
Are there relationships/collaborations between the METS standard/community
and the Semantic Web standards/community?

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