Dear ZNGers,

We are pleased to announce the availability of release 1.2.1 of
CQL-Java, the free CQL parser for Java.  It can be downloaded from:

The work to make this release (and the immediately previous releases
1.0 and 1.2) was sponsored by the National Library of Australia, whose
funding we are pleased to acknowledge.  We are delighted to have been
able to work for customers who share our vision for free software, and
who were happy for the new version to be released under the same terms
(GNU LGPL) as the old.

The previous release of this software (v0.7) was made way back in
2003, so this is a much-needed update -- not least because the CQL
specifications have changed twice in the mean time!  The current
version parses CQL v1.2, including the new "sortby" extension.  The
full list of changes since v0.7 is attached.


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1.0 Fri Jun 29 14:10:28 BST 2007
	- Support for version 1.1 as described at
	  Since this is a significant leap forward, the version
	  numbering increases to the next major version.
	- "Qualifiers" renamed as "indexes" throughout, to match what
	  is now universal CQL terminology.

	- The class UnknownQualifierException is replaced by
	- The CQLTermNode method getQualifier() is replaced by

1.2  Tue Jul  3 17:53:28 BST 2007
	- Support for CQL version 1.2 as described at
	  The most significant part of the v1.2 change is support for
	  sorting, but as of this writing (29th June) the official SRU
	  maintenance agency web site at
	  does not include any specification for CQL sorting.
	  Therefore the original proposal at
	  is still considered canonical.

1.2.1  Mon Aug  6 16:54:54 BST 2007
	- Contructors for the CQLParser class are made public (as they
	  should have been all along).