(Excuse the ZIG/ZNG cross-post: since this is about a tool that
connects the two together, it seems pretty appropriate :-)


We're delighted to announce the release of another new product:
Simple2ZOOM, a sort of universal Swiss Army gateway that proxies
between Z39.50, SRU, SRU/POST and SRW. Although nearly all testing so
far has been with Z39.50-to-SRU configurations, it ought to work with
pretty much any combination of these protocols on the front- and

Simple2ZOOM is free-as-in-freedom, open source, software. It is
distributed under the same terms as Perl, that is, either under the
GNU GPL (General Public Licence) or the Artistic Licence -- your

Simple2ZOOM is implemented in Perl, as a tiny script that calls the
Net::Z3950::Simple2ZOOM Perl module. It is this module that is
distributed, and it's freely available on CPAN at

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the National Library of
Australia for providing funding that enabled us to add lots of the
functionality and bring this product up to a releasable standard.

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