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Charting Their Journeys:  Explorers Record the Americas, 1500 - 1900

From the search for a new trade route to the Orient to the race for a
lunar landing, explorers have charted their journeys in wonderfully
pictorial maps.  What were the explorers’ impressions?  What
experiences and observations prompted the explorers to record them on
maps and charts?  Who knew what, when?  Join Ed Redmond, Geography and
Map Reference Specialist, Library of Congress, as we glimpse these
journeys to the Americas through the eyes of those who lived them. 
Brought to you by the librarians of the Library of Congress.

When:  Wednesday, October 17, 2:00 p.m. (E.D.T.), 1:00 p.m. CST 

To attend, go to 

1.	Click the “Download Here” button in the light blue rectangle
in the center of the screen.
2.	Follow the directions to download and install the plugin.
3.	Click the link in the orange rectangle to enter the room.
4.	A gray box will appear with text asking permission to launch an
external application, webconference plugin.  When the grayed out text
“Launch application” becomes black, click the “Launch
application” button.
5.	Type your name (no password is necessary) for the conference and
click “Log on” to enter the online conference.  

NOTE:  Allow yourself time to download the small software plugin needed
to participate in the conference.  Depending on your network security
requirements, you may need assistance from your local technical support
group to download and install the plugin.  Actual installation should be
very quick, depending on your computer and connectivity.  Use of
Internet Explorer is recommended.  The conference provides text chat and
Voice over IP (VoIP).  To fully participate, consider attaching a
microphone to your computer.

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Laura Gottesman
Digital Reference Team
The Library of Congress