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The PCC web page for statistics contains selected files for FY2007 stats.

PCC statistics by program/library/project:

PCC Statistics-at-a-Glance:

Monthly cumulations by program/library/project, SEPTEMBER 2007.  Please note that the September 2007 file displays NACO records that arrived in our system during August 2007, and BIBCO, CONSER and SACO records that were contributed during September 2007.  That pattern applies throughout the year:

Other PCC FY2007 files for Funnels and for INTCO will be added as they are converted to PDF and mounted online.

A note on funnel projects:  Some of our newer funnel project members may have joined NACO and received training, but have been added to the project stats report only as we have received records from them. 

PCC contributors are invited to view the available FY2007 files and to contact me ([log in to unmask]) with any questions about the placement of their institutions among the different program groupings, or about the figures representing contributions.  Thanks.

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