To: the MODS standard agency.

There is a problem to represent Dutch personal names in MODS.
A Dutchman who is called Jan de Koning has as family name 'Koning' and as 
given name 'Jan'. The infix 'de' is not part of the family name. The 
possible values of the type attribute of namePart are limited to an 
explicit enumeration of values in the schema. There is no value to 
represent infixes like 'de', 'van' and 'van de'. Is it possible to add 
'infix' (or another string with the same semantics) to the enumeration of 
values in the schema?

Note that in Flanders the name would be Jan De Koning; 'Jan' is the given 
name and 'De Koning' is the family name. So this is a problem not of Dutch 
names, but of the names of the Dutch.

We discovered this problem when writing guidelines for using MODS for 
institutional repositories. Probably more questions and/or requests will 
come out of this project (e.g., adding author identifiers is a problem).

Thomas Place

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