This brings up something that does come up occasionally, which is that 
we made need a way to indicate which set of "rules" is being applied to 
a name. As you say,the same name can be treated differently in different 
contexts. So, although we have

Smith, John
Mao, Tse-tung

if we were to display these in their "natural" (cultural?) order they 
would be

John Smith
Mao Tse-tung

I don't know whether it makes sense to develop rules, or to include a 
display form, but something is needed if the names will be shared across 


Thomas Place wrote:
> To: the MODS standard agency.
> There is a problem to represent Dutch personal names in MODS.
> A Dutchman who is called Jan de Koning has as family name 'Koning' and 
> as given name 'Jan'. The infix 'de' is not part of the family name. The 
> possible values of the type attribute of namePart are limited to an 
> explicit enumeration of values in the schema. There is no value to 
> represent infixes like 'de', 'van' and 'van de'. Is it possible to add 
> 'infix' (or another string with the same semantics) to the enumeration 
> of values in the schema?
> Note that in Flanders the name would be Jan De Koning; 'Jan' is the 
> given name and 'De Koning' is the family name. So this is a problem not 
> of Dutch names, but of the names of the Dutch.
> We discovered this problem when writing guidelines for using MODS for 
> institutional repositories. Probably more questions and/or requests will 
> come out of this project (e.g., adding author identifiers is a problem).
> Regards,
> Thomas Place

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