Hi Jorgen,

Do the two files represent different versions of the *same* content, or
are they different subordinate parts of the resource being described? 

If the latter, you could use <relatedItem type="constituent">, one for
each file, and include location/url and accessCondition for each under
relatedItem. If the former, it's more tricky, but you might think about
making one the "primary" version described by the record (whether that's
the restricted or the open one would depend on what you're using the
record for), and putting the other location/url and accessCondition
under a <relatedItem type="otherFormat">. I'm not sure I love that
solution, but it could be functional.

On a related note, if you're going to be sharing these records with
others, you might consider changing the yes/no value you show in your
example into something more human-readable. For a shared record, this:

Access Condition: yes

is confusing. I know you've got the type attribute on there, which helps
to clarify what "yes" means, but I suspect a yes/no value could still be
very easily misunderstood by a metadata aggregator or end-user of such
an aggregation. Predictable yes/no values for an element like this are
easy to process locally, but you might think about sharing a different
version of the record to make the same meaning clearer in an aggregated


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> Subject: [MODS] Pointing to files with different access 
> conditions from a record
> Hi all,
> I,m rather new to MODS and looking for a solution to the 
> following. I want to be able to point to multiple files with 
> different access conditions in a record. 
> By repeating location for each file belonging to a record and 
> making access restrictions an attribute to location I could 
> manage multiple files with different access conditions. See example. 
> <location>
> <url>file1</url>
> 	<accessCondition type="restrictionOnAccess">no</accessCondition>
> </location>
> <location>
> 	<url>file2</url>
> 	<lu:accessCondition type="restrictionOnAccess">yes 
> </accessCondition>
> 	</location>
> And so on.
> AccessCondition is not a recognized attribute to location in 
> MODS but would it be possible to do it like this anyway. Or 
> is there any other way to handle this?
> Best regards,
> Jorgen Eriksson
> Lund University Libraries