Our loader programs (most importantly those that do routine loads of vendor records for current acquisitions) now make an attempt at comparing 490:0 fields to authority records.  If the program finds a reliable match (including comparison of publisher statements) the program adjusts the series in the bibliographic record as appropriate; otherwise it sends me an e-mail message.  It takes just a few minutes a day to scan the e-mail messages and, if warranted, do something about them.  (Perhaps 50% of the time, I simply add a new 643 field to the local copy of the NACO record to allow series in future items to be verified automatically.  Non-conflicting new series I leave for others to deal with as materials are handled.)  Our cataloger's toolkit uses the same code to attempt matches between 490:0s and authority records, and to adjust bibliographic records automatically as needed.

We have seen only a slight increase in the number of series authority records created in the past year.  An analysis of LC series authority records from previous years suggested that most of them were for series that never appeared in materials we acquired here, with the implication that LC's cessation of series authority record creation wouldn't create much of a stir once the initial noise died down.  A few more records here, and a few more new records at other institutions, and we appear to have filled the gap without putting undue stress on anyone.

At 06:35 AM 10/29/2007, Amy H Turner wrote:
In a month or so, the PCC Ad Hoc Series Review Task Force will post a discussion paper on the future of PCC series authority control.   At this point, we would like to hear from PCC libraries about their current practices.  We would also appreciate any information on studies that have been done on how series are used (by both library staff and by other users), costs of series authority control, etc.

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